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Car Repair Hell

Bill's truck is still out of commission until Jebus knows when (our mechanic is good, bless him, but he IS 80 years old and ahh..isn't the swiftest worker on the planet, and he's usually booked, actually, so we end up "in line", as it were). So of COURSE my car decided to follow suit. Had to be taken off the schedule at BAM until further notice, it can still toddle back and forth to the Barrel, but I do mean TODDLE. This is all very bad on many levels. It knocks me out of the game as breadwinner in a town with no public transportation. Mom can't resume her job search. We're SOL in case of any kind of emergency. Etc. Etc. Etc.

The official diagnoses for my car? New struts, wheel bearings, thermostat (this is on my insistence as I'm 90% sure it's gone, the car is overheating and making thumping noises no matter what I do, which is what my other one did when the thermostat went) , and an alignment. INCLUDING labor this is going to run me about $400. I spent the other morning calling around and carefully pricing things and that's my best number, and I believe the car really is worth that. I'm sure I could get another year or maybe two out of it. The ONLY good thing about all this is that the cheapest parts place in town actually has everything I need, I won't have to wait on it. My time will be waiting on the mechanic. XD

Anyway, to help with this cost, I am once again putting out the tip jar and opening it up for Rune and Tarot readings. Every tiny drop in the bucket helps and is MUCH appreciated. You all, as usual rock my petite socks. ♥ And for those that donated last time, Mocha and I still have every intention of going to the VA, so don't forget to stay tuned for that! Probably after the Holidays! :)

If you are interested please comment here (they're screened) with your questions, email addy, and preferred method of reading (runes or tarot). When I've completed the reading, I will email you back and include my Paypal information.

Pimp far and wide if you'd be so kind. I'd really like to get back to both my jobs, please, so I have some hope of maybe paying the December bills and maybe getting a few tiny presents for the family. I've spent far too much time here at home on my @ss lately. It's wearing thin on my nerves. XD

Sep. 2nd, 2011

Runes/Tarot Reading ♥

I am opening up Rune/Tarot readings for donations again to help a little with the cost of an upcoming Vet bill for Mocha. I'd like us to volunteer at the local VA, and they require up to date paperwork on her, and Mocha is in need of a check up anyway (especially since she's entering her Golden Years).

We need $106.00 - this is a week's worth of pay from the Barrel, or half (biweekly) from BAM.

This gets Mocha a FULL check up with blood work, shots, and heart-worm and parasite tests. My Vet does not bill and requires payment in full at the time of service. PetCo has a clinic tomorrow, but I'd rather Mocha get the blood-work and extra vaccinations for the extra cost - especially the blood-work.

Interested in helping? Comment here (they're screened) with the following.

I. Runes or Tarot?
II. Up to THREE (3) questions.
III. Best e-mail address for you.
IV. Other thoughts/questions/instructions/concerns?

You'll get a THREE (3) card or stone draw, minimum, more if your question requires additional clarification.

Please feel free to donate what you feel moved to. If that's nothing, so be it. Please feel free to ask for a reading anyway, and I will HAPPILY do it. I don't want anyone feeling bad about not donating - Mighty Kindred know I'm one of the first to be able to understand that position. When you have submitted your question(s) I will do your reading and then reply to you via email (the reply will also contain my Pay Pal address should you feel moved to donate).

Want to help but don't want a reading? Pimp this, please, and it would help a great deal.

THANK YOU ALL in advance! I look forward to reading for you! ♥

2011 Book List

2011 Book List

Once again I shall endeavor to read 50 books this year (which translates to about a book a week).

Here goes nothing. :)


COMPLETED GOAL AUGUST 2011 - FOUR months to spare in the year, w00t!!!

1. One Witch's Way : A Magical Year of Stories, Spells, & Such by Bronwynn Forrest Torgerson

Witchcraft, Non Fiction

2. Buckland's Book of Gypsy Magic : Traveler's Stories, Spells, & Healings by Raymond Buckland

Witchcraft, Non Fiction

3. Captive Queen : A Novel of Eleanore of Aquitaine by Alison Weir

Historical Fiction

4. Magic of the Celtic Otherworld : Irish History, Lore & Rituals by Stephen Blamires

Witchcraft, Non Fiction

5. Out of the Broom Closet : 50 True Stories of Witches Who Found and Embraced the Craft Edited by Arin Murphy-Hiscock

Witchcraft, Non Fiction, Anthology

6. Lady of Fire by Janeen O'Kerry

Historical Romance, Fiction

7. Queen Emma and the Vikings : Power, Love, and Greed in the 11th Century by Harriet O'Brien

History, Biography, Non Fiction

8. The True History of the Elephant Man : The Definitive Account of the Tragic and Extraordinary Life of Joseph Carey Merrick by Ford and Howell

History, Biography, Non Fiction

9. When Beauty Tamed The Beast by Eloisa James

Historical Romance, Fiction

10. The Hangman's Daughter by Oliver Pötzsch, translated by Lee Chadeayne

Historical Fiction, Mystery

11. Moonstruck Madness by Laurie McBain

Historical Romance, Fiction

12. Witch in the Bedroom : Proven Sensual Magic by Stacey Demarco

Witchcraft, Non Fiction

13. The Witch's Daughter by Paula Brackston

Witchcraft, Fiction

14. Night of the Witches : Folklore, Traditions & Recipes for Celebrating Walpurgis Night by Linda Raedisch

Witchcraft, Non Fiction

15. Dreaming Anastasia by Joy Preble

YA Fiction

16. The Knights Templar : The History and Myths of the Legendary Military Order by Sean Martin

Military History, Non Fiction

17. Uncertain Magic by Laura Kinsale

Historical Romance, Fiction

18. Isabeau, A Novel of Queen Isabella and Sir Roger Mortimer by N. Gemini Sasson

Historical Romance, Fiction

19. A Touch of Enchantment by Teresa Medieros

Historical Romance, Fiction

20. Scandalous Women : The Lives and Loves of History's Most Notorious Women by Elizabeth Kerri Mahon

History, Biography, Non Fiction

21. Goddess of Legend by P.C. Cast

Historical Romance, Fiction

22. The Desire for Dearborne by V.B. Kildaire

Historical Romance, LGBT

23. Witch Woman by Jeanette Baker

Witchcraft, Fiction

24. Grandmother Moon by Z. Budapest

Witchcraft, Non Fiction

25. Flowers from the Storm by Laura Kinsale

Historical Romance, Fiction

26. Lavender Vows by Colleen Gleason

Historical Romance, Fiction

27. Vintage : A Ghost Story by Steve Berman

YA, Romance, LGBT, Fiction

28. The Pleasure Garden by Amanda McIntyre

Historical Romance, Erotica

29. The Mistletoe and Sword : A Story of Roman Britain by Anya Seton

Historical, Fiction

30. The Raven's Bride by Lenore Hart (yes, she's named for that Lenore)....

Fiction, Romance, YA

31. The Price of Temptation by M.J. Pearson

Historical Romance, LGBT

32. The Dark Wife by Sarah Diemer (mermaiden)

YA, Romance, LGBT

33. Galore by Michael Crummey

Fiction, Newfoundland

34. A Bed of Spices by Barbara Samuel

Historical Romance, Fiction

35. Bedside Book of Bad Girls : Outlaw Women of the American West by Michael Rutter

Historical, Non Fiction

36. Outlander by Diana Gabaldon (Outlander #1)

Historical Fiction, Romance, Fantasy

37. Wildthorn by Jane Eagland

YA, Romance, LGBT

38. A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness

Fantasy, Witchcraft, Fiction

39. The ABC of Magic Charms by Elizabeth Pepper

Witchcraft, Non Fiction

40. The Exile by Diana Gabaldon and Hoang Nguyen

Graphic Novel

41. Kindred Hearts by Rowan Speedwell

LGBT, Historical Romance, Fiction

42. Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon (Outlander #2)

Historical Romance, Fantasy, Fiction

43. The Soldier by Grace Burrowes

Historical Romance, Fiction

44. It Happened One Season by Stephanie Laurens et al

Historical Romance, Fiction, Anthology

45. Loki's Daughters by Della Jacobs

Historical Romance, Fiction

46. Sinful by Charlotte Featherstone

Historical Romance, Fiction, Erotica

47. Doc Susie - The True Story of a Country Physician in the Colorado Rockies by Virginia Cornell


48. Voyager (Outlander #3) by Diana Gabaldon

Fiction, Historical Romance, Fantasy

49. Sleepless by Cyn Balog

YA, Fiction, Romance, Fantasy

50. Object of His Desire by Ava March

LGBT, Historical Romance, Fiction, Erotica

51. Green Witch by Alice Hoffman
Ya, Fiction, Fantasy

52. Convincing Arthur by Ava March
LGBT, Historical Romance, Erotica, Fiction

53. Convincing Leopold by Ava March
LGBT, Historical Romance, Erotica, Fiction

54. The Weiser Field Guide to Witches - From Hexes to Hermione Granger, From Salem to the Land of Oz by Judika Illes
Witchcraft, Non Fiction

55. Codename Sailor V Volume One by Naoko Takeuchi
Fiction, Manga/Graphic Novel/Comic

56. Royal Survivor : The Life of Charles II by Stephen Coote
Non Fiction, Biography

57. The Jane Austen Handbook : Proper Life Skills from Regency England by Margaret Sullivan
Non Fiction

58. The Autobiography of Mrs. Tom Thumb
by Melanie Benjamin
Historical Fiction

59. A Wish To Build A Dream On
by Michelle Willingham
Historical Romance, Short Story

60. Fairest of them All
by Teresa Medeiros
Historical Romance

61. My Jane Austen Summer ; A Season in Mansfield Park
Cindy Jones

62. Codename Sailor V Volume Two
Naoko Takeuchi
Manga/Graphic Novel

63. The Virtuoso
Grace Burrowes
Fiction, Historical Romance

64. Lady of the Rivers
Philippa Gregory
Historical Fiction

65. Winter's Desire
Amanda McIntyre et. al
Historical Romance, Erotica, Anthology

66. Once Upon A Winter's Eve
Tessa Dare
Historical Romance, Short Story

67. Lady Sophie's Christmas Wish
Grace Burrowes
Historical Romance

68. Bless Us With Content
Historical Romance, LGBT, Fiction

69. The Twelfth Enchantment
David Liss
Historical Fiction, Fantasy

70. Highlander for the Holidays
Janet Chapman
Fiction, Contemporary Romance

71. My True Love Gave To Me
Ava March
Fiction, Historical Romance, Short Story, LGBT

72. The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen
Syrie James
Historical Fiction

73. The September Queen
Gillian Bagwell
Historical Fiction

74. Drums of Autumn (Outlander #4)
Diana Gabaldon
Historical Fiction

75. It's Always Been You
Victoria Dahl
Historical Romance

76. Lover's Knots
Katherine Cross
LGBT, Historical Romance, Erotica

Oct. 13th, 2010

I just wanted to give MANY thanks for the continued donations for Rune/Tarot Reading questions!

♥ It feels SO good to be so cared for, and to be allowed the chance to earn money to bring into the house. :D I will be accepting questions for Readings from now until the Property Taxes are due (first week in November I believe) so please, continue to boost this signal for me. ♥

Work AND recovering still from my recent trip to the Doctor has left me absolutely exhausted, but I will play Catch Up tomorrow (day off, yay) I promise. I just wanted to again, say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for helping me to care for my family. ♥

Oct. 11th, 2010

The support and love I and my family have been shown is overwhelming.

I can't even express my thanks adequately. ♥ THANK YOU. I have one reading lined up so far, YAY, and others have kindly donated. Please DON'T feel concerned over the amount OR the time frame of the donation, don't let it be a point of stress for you or yours, and please DO feel free to ask a bajillion and one Rune and/or Tarot questions. ♥ And please, DON'T forget to boost this signal when and wherever appropriate - that alone is MORE then enough.

The Goddess is in my ear, and my heart. She's telling me I have no CHOICE but to let go, and this will work out. Thank you all, love you all, and Blessed Be. Please keep those fabulous questions coming! ♥

Oct. 10th, 2010

I'd really like to give some impassioned speech about the evils of the Hospitality Industry, or once again rehash all of the wrongs I feel that life has dealt me. Most of you here are old friends that know where we've been, what we've been through, and the like. You all understand my very stubborn and proud nature, and our often times confusing and complex situation. You've all supported me emotionally, spiritually, and even financially. You give generously and selflessly, but now I have to swallow my pride a bit and help do what it takes to see us through. I'll come out with it, because it's not easy.

The end of Summer through Thanksgiving marks our extremely difficult financial period here at the Colgan-Stiefer Household. We have three monthly bills that total $600.00/month. I bring in about $400/month. Bill can sometimes wrangle a little bit in, but that is never a safe bet. Food Stamps and a little bit of Unemployment are thus far the ONLY Government help we've been able to wrangle in the past two years. We've sold everything of value that we have been able to. It's bare bones here, and we DO get by, but these months are hard. In November, Property Taxes are due, which couldn't come at a WORSE time of year. That is between $550 - $600. Even if we do miraculously scrape by somehow, we rarely have enough cushion left for little unexpected things such as car repairs and medical needs.

Right now, our current concern is the Electricity bill (just came yesterday) due on Wednesday. $400. We have nothing towards it because I'm holding back the $60 I have to my name to see if that will please Mr. Roy and whatever work he has to do on my car.

What does this all mean? I'm asking you to boost this signal as far and wide as you can that I will be taking requests for Tarot and/or Rune readings. I am NOT outright charging a set price for these readings, I only ask that you kindly donate whatever it is in your heart to donate in return for these readings. Every penny helps, and I am ABSOLUTELY ADAMANT about returning your donation with a service, even if it is as small as a Tarot or Rune reading as there is no other tangible way at the second for me to repay you all for any and all help you give. Paying It Forward is nice, and I DO practice that, but it's also nice to have SOMETHING, even a stupid Emailed Rune Reading in return for a donation, yes?

Anyway, I hope that all makes sense. I'm still getting over some kind of plague, I'm on five hours of sleep, and I hate seeing my parents pull their hair out over these things. Please, please, please boost this. Questions, comments or concerns, please let me know here (through comment or LJ Message) or Email at luna_hawkins@yahoo.com

Comments are screened, so speak freely about what you want to ask the Runes and/or Cards.

Wenchy's Form

Name/Email/LJ Handle

Please send a donation via Paypal to sarah_e_colgan@yahoo.com

From the very, very bottom of my heart, I AND my family thank you in advance for your help in this matter. ♥

Jun. 18th, 2010

Wenchy's Runic Fridays

OPEN 03 September 2010 11:41 AM

I've decided I'm going to try my hand at what some of my other lovely Flisters do, and that is trying my hand at offering up Rune Readings. While I very much love the artistic imagery of the Tarot (and have several decks), I am a lot more comfortable with the straightforwardness of the Runes. Here's how it'll work. ♥

1. I'll open this ONCE weekly - Friday nights, probably since I have Saturdays free to do the readings. I will unlock this post to allow comments at that time, and delete them at the end. Every week starts fresh.

2. If you want a reading, I'll provide a form and ask that you fill it out in a comment. I will read the Runes and you'll get a private E-Mail from me with your answer.

3. These are FREE OF CHARGE. However, IF (and ONLY if) you are satisfied with your reading, you may certainly leave a donation (monetary OR otherwise) IF you choose to. The E-Mail attached to my Paypal Account is sarah_e_colgan@yahoo.com but I know that love comes in all shapes and sizes, not just the green stuff. And I'm ABSOLUTELY OKAY with that. ♥

4. Until otherwise stated, I will limit readings to just ONE question.

5. You should also be aware that I read Runes slightly differently then others do, more like Tarot actually. Concentrating on the matter at hand, I make sure the Runes are nicely jumbled up in their bag by shaking it. Then (without looking of course) I draw 3 at random.

6. I may amend these rules at any time.

7. I make NO guarantees whatsoever about any of my readings - their accuracy, any of it. That is why you are not being charged. Both of us involved are human, which means we are fallible. I am NOT responsible for whatever actions you take (or do not take) based on the reading(s).

8. An it Harm None, do what ye will.

9. Feel free to pimp my skillz to appropriate people/places.

Ready then? Let's do this! ♥

Copy and Paste the following form into a Comment, they'll be screened, so only I'll see them, okay?

Use "Wenchy's Runic Fridays" as your Subject Line please.

If there is ANYTHING else you feel I need to know, please put it in the "Other" Section


| Name and/or LJ Username |
| E- mail Address |
| Question |
| Other |

Books 2010


A Treasury of Royal Scandals by Michael Farquhar
Warriors by Daniel Meresy
Dreaming the Eagle by Manda Scott
The Time Traveler's Guide to Medieval England by Ian Mortimer
Silver Bells by Hunter Raine (EBOOK)
Dreaming the Bull by Manda Scott
Dreaming the Hound by Manda Scott
Dreaming the Serpent Spear by Manda Scott
The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane by Katherine Howe
Daughters of the Witching Hill by Mary Sharratt
The Lady and the Poet Maeve Haran
The Mammoth Book of Irish Romance
Charming the Prince by Teresa Medeiros
Mistress of the Waters by Janeen O'Kerry
The Favored Child by Phillipa Gregory
Once Upon A Time by Marylyle Rogers
The Heretic's Daughter by Kathleen Kent
Meridon by Phillipa Gregory
Surrender to an Irish Warrior by Michelle Willingham
Notorious Victoria by Mary Gabriel
A Kiss At Midnight by Eloisa James
The Bride and the Beast by Teresa Medeiros
Herbal Magick by Gerina Dunwhich
Crone's Book of Magic Words by Valarie Worth
Wicked Plants : The Weed That Killed Lincoln's Mother & Other Botanical Atrocities by Amy Stewart
The Narnian : The Life and Imagination of C.S. Lewis by Alan Jacobs
Celtic Maidens by Ceri Norman
Elizabeth's Women - Friends, Rivals, and Foes Who Shaped the Virgin Queen by Tracy Borman
Storming the Castle (EBOOK) by Eloisa James
The Illuminator by Brenda Rickman Vantrease
Who wants to help with my Examiner idea? I'm looking for a healthy mix of Pagans and Non Pagans to submit (respectful) questions about the Craft and Pagan living. Feel free to Email me at charlestonpaganexaminer@yahoo.com or hit me up here. :D And even if this isn't your deal, please feel free to pass this along! ♥ THANK YOU!
The Wenchy Wiccan's Big Book Sale & YULE EXTRAVAGANZA


01 December

I've SOLD 3 books and have ADDED 1 new one (Exploring Wicca by Lady Sabrina)

I've got 24, count 'em 24 books, some by big name authors that I'd really like to see go to new homes! Please take a look!

Here's how it'll work - I will accept PAYPAL or USPS MONEY ORDERS for the following books. PRICES LISTED ARE THEIR LIST PRICE, BUT PLEASE MAKE A REASONABLE OFFER AND I WILL CONSIDER IT. I will ALSO accept a trade if you happen to have any item from my Amazon Wish List - YAY!

ALL books are in NEW/EXCELLENT condition.

If you see something that catches your eye, please comment with the title and I will E-Mail you an invoice from my Pay Pal account. I will cross off books as they are purchased/traded for. :)

Books don't tickle your fancy? Fear not! My Small Home Based Business (Rhiannon's Own) is hosting a Yule Extravaganza! YAY! :D I am doing CUSTOM Poppets, Potions, Incense, and more (I'll consider Spell Kits, Bottles, and Oils too)! Please EMAIL me (luna_hawkins@yahoo.com) with specifics on what you're looking for (ie. a Protection Incense) and we'll talk shop!

I have FOR SALE currently -

1 HANDFASTING POPPET KIT (you get the Herbs/Poppet/Needle/Thread/Cotton)
1 VIRGIN'S DELIGHT LOVE POTION (presented in a Blue Apothecary Bottle)

I have 1 (ONE) Custom Order pending, as well. :D

Custom Orders
1. mermaiden
2. YOU




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